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Meditation on Mercy


As a complete gift,
You made me,
I did not deserve to be born,
For what thing has any claim before it exists,
And yet in your mercy you brought me forth,

And yet, even greater than this
In the midst of so much sin and darkness,
Despite the ugliness within me,
You looked upon me in love
And called me to your salvation,
You saved me from the fires of hell
And gave me an inheritance among your elect,

What joy to receive your forgiveness,

And even greater still,
You took what had grown old and corrupted,
What had become stale and what had lost its vigor,
And you filled it with your Holy Spirit,
And transformed it into your glory,
You took all that is mine and united it to what is yours

You took my body and resurrected by your power
You took my nature and united it your nature.
You took my death and transformed it into life.

O what joy, o what wondrous love

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