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Feast Day of Saint Frances of Rome

March 9, 2023


The Feast Day of Saint Frances of Rome is celebrated on March 9th. Saint Frances of Rome was an Italian noblewoman who devoted herself to caring for the sick and the poor. She was born in Rome in 1384 and was married at the age of 12 to Lorenzo de' Ponziani, a nobleman. Despite her marriage, she continued to lead a life of prayer and service, often giving away her own possessions to help those in need.

After her husband's death, Frances became a nun and founded the Oblates of Mary, a religious order that focused on caring for the sick and the poor. She worked tirelessly to help those in need, even during times of war and famine. She is also known for her visions and mystical experiences, which she recorded in her spiritual writings.

Saint Frances of Rome is remembered for her selflessness, her compassion for others, and her devotion to God. Her example continues to inspire people today to serve others and live a life of faith.

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