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Feast Day of Saint Egwin

December 30, 2023


On the 30th of December, we commemorate the Feast Day of Saint Egwin, a revered figure in Christian history and the patron saint of Evesham in Worcestershire, England. Saint Egwin, who lived during the late 7th and early 8th centuries, was known for his pious devotion and commitment to the Christian faith. As the third Bishop of Worcester, he played a pivotal role in the religious and moral life of medieval England. Legend has it that Egwin undertook a pilgrimage to Rome to answer charges against him, locking his feet in shackles and throwing the key into the River Avon. Miraculously, the key was later found in a fish, symbolizing his innocence and divine favor. Saint Egwin founded Evesham Abbey, a site that would become a center of spirituality and learning. His dedication to the church and his people was profound, and his life exemplifies the virtues of humility, faith, and service. On this day, his legacy is remembered and celebrated, inspiring us to live with the same dedication and spirit of selflessness that he embodied.

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