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Feast day of Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

March 18, 2024


Saint Cyril of Jerusalem was a bishop and doctor of the Church who is celebrated on his feast day on March 18th. He was born around the year 313 in Jerusalem and was ordained as a priest in 345. He became the bishop of Jerusalem in 348 and served in that role until his death in 386.

St. Cyril is known for his influential writings on Christian doctrine, particularly his "Catechetical Lectures," which he delivered to new converts to Christianity in Jerusalem. These lectures provided a comprehensive introduction to Christian belief and practice and were instrumental in shaping the development of Christian theology in the early Church.

One of St. Cyril's most important contributions to Christian doctrine was his defense of the doctrine of the Trinity against the Arian heresy, which denied the divinity of Christ. St. Cyril insisted that Christ was both fully human and fully divine, and that this was a central tenet of Christian belief.

St. Cyril was also known for his advocacy of Christian unity and his efforts to reconcile the various factions within the Church. He worked to promote peace and harmony among Christians, even in the face of significant theological disagreements.

Today, St. Cyril of Jerusalem is venerated as a patron saint of Jerusalem and is celebrated as a model of Christian faith and devotion. His feast day is an opportunity for Catholics and Christians around the world to honor his memory and to reflect on his contributions to the development of Christian theology and doctrine.

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